Footsie: An iPhone Application

Footsie is an iPhone application that motivates healthy behavior by getting people to start walking.


Rachel Bolton, Chad Camara, Matt Snyder, Thalith Nasir


3 weeks

Problem Space

iPhone and Weightwatchers as dissimilar as they may be, are faced with a problem of ‘stickiness’. Weightwatchers loses members of its popular program and iPhone applications need to be used more often instead of a casual basis. Our challenge was to design an iPhone application that help Weightwatcher’s members to remain in the program while using the application on a regular basis, thus demonstrating that iPhone applications can be used consistently over time.

Design Approach and Process

Initial research into Weightwatchers led us to believe that exercise seemed to be a neglected component of most Weightwatchers members. In what was a rather successful program for members that stuck to it, this vital aspect was the weakest link. Members who only followed dietary advice often felt frustrated and left the program due to a lack of visible results. Even when talking about exercise, most people see it as a hurdle. Our secondary research showed that to instigate a change, it is best done in small increments. We also knew that Weightwatchers works because of the network of support that it provided. Members have this sense of community that we felt needed to be present in our solution as well.

Our solution hinges on getting people to start walking by providing predetermined routes around their city. Footsie allows for an additional layer of interaction by allowing members to engage with their surroundings. They can assign points of interest along their walk by tagging the music they were listening to at that moment in time, taking pictures and leaving voice notes. Thus members will be able to thus observe and interact with points of interest that other members created. This creation of meaining is what helps keep Footsie sticky as it encourages multiple uses.


presentation slidedeck (pdf/1689 KB)

Methods Used

Open ended interviews, secondary research, personas, brainstorming, paper prototyping, usability evaluation

Our initial prototypes

Our hi-fidelity mockup

Our hi-fidelity mockup